Post-Summit Report: Global Virtual MarTech Summit 2021

Post-Summit Report: Global Virtual MarTech Summit 2021

That’s a wrap on the Global Virtual MarTech Summit! A huge thank you to all our great speakers, sponsors, audience members, partners and hard-working staff.

The Global Virtual MarTech Summit on 28 & 29 April 2021 featured 30+ hours of LIVE, high-quality content from the top solution providers and market-leading industry companies. The summit spanned 2 full days with Day 1 focusing on Customer Experience and Day 2 taking a deeper dive into Digital Marketing Transformation. 

In total, we welcomed nearly 2000 attendees from 40+ countries across 6 continents! 

At a glance, we discussed: 

  • The Future of Digital Transformation
  • Reimagining Customer Journey Funnel 
  • Cultivating a Unique Brand Voice through Content 
  • Consumer-Centric Digital Experiences & UX
  • Machine Learning and AI in Customer Experience
  • Optimizing your Digital Marketing Mix for a Sustainable Transformation

One of the many benefits of a live summit comes from the audience’s ability to engage directly with thought-leader speakers during the Q&A sessions. At the summit we had over 200 questions come in during the fireside chats, panel discussions and lightning talks. Thank you to all the curious minds out there!

To start with, let’s hear the voice of our attendees:

Have you or your team involved in a training in the past year? Our audience have been learning:


What about your challenges? You are surely not alone!


We’ve got to understand customers especially in these challenging times, right?


And here is one for you to realise that we’re only at the beginning of this digital journey:


Let’s have a closer look at each track: 

We kickstarted the summit with the APAC track and here are some notable quotes: 

My advice for people is, it’s not about one-way communication, the focus isn’t on what we want people to know. It is having the information served in a credible way and coming from a credible source, when the information is coming from a credible source, we saw a 10x higher engagement
– Kristin Veriga, Chief Marketing Officer, Grobest Group

People talk a lot about digital fatigue, but it’s all about producing great content. People never talked about physical events fatigue pre-2020 or about Netflix/YouTube fatigue. People are just tired of poor content
– Tim Johnston, Senior Marketing Director APJ, ON24

“Customer-centricity for us means the focus is not just on selling and transactional, it should be building relationships and being with them throughout the whole journey”
– Dr. Duriya Aziz, Senior Vice President, International (Education), Scholastic

The downside of digital is that you can track everything and you can drown in data, the key is to narrow in on the one or two metrics that really drive your business. It’s not about the data but the story that data tells. You need to narrow your focus down to a few metrics and religiously analyse those metrics that drive true business value
– Brian Critchfield, Head of Digital Marketing, ON Semiconductor

When executing a digital marketing strategy start be clear early on with what you’re delivering and what you’re not and make sure your objectives marry up with the business objectives and something the business actually cares about
– Ben Scott, Head of Digital Marketing & Communications, Grant Thornton Australia

Following the APAC Track, we also featured a Europe track on both days. The day started off with a cross-cultural panel that gathered 2 speakers from the APAC region and 2 from Europe. The speakers offered unique global insights into pertinent topics such as integrating personalisation with omnichannel marketing and building business resilience across the organisation. We hope you enjoyed our very first intercontinental panel designed to give you truly a global experience! – It’s still available on-demand in case you’ve missed it.

Let’s jump in to Europe speaker’s top takeaways from the event: 

The future of personalised CX is about transforming the way we work, rewiring the organisation for customer focus, and enabling data driven engagement
– Margot O’Neil, Global Head of Content Strategy & Customer Experience, GlaxoSmithKline

With content marketing, it’s important not to get carried away and remember the quality aspect and not the quantity aspect of it. Keep tracking and as the digital space keeps changing, remember to keep on top of insights and analytics and be mindful of what you change
– Lisa Daniels, Head of Marketing, BT Enterprise

“That first touch attribution is so important, especially for lesser-known brands. You need to identify what their journey looks like in becoming a successful customer and look at the drivers of that particular customer journey in order to improve it”
– Anders Lindstrom, Director of Marketing, Sygnature Discovery

“Change is difficult because habits are difficult to change and change is always about habits. It’s important to sell the vision of who we want to be in the future and to make change workable, there is a winning formula of having a challenger mindset, to be open and take on challenges”
– Danny Han, Vice President & Head of Asia Strategy, Telenor

“Be careful with hyper-personalisation, as the level of personalisation and targeting being conceived can put customers off, you need to bring the human element back to the data. I believe for good marketing; a good value exchange relationship starts with good insights
– Anoo Mehmi, Global Digital Director, ConvaTec

Once again, thanks to all MarTech enthusiasts who have tuned in to the Global Virtual MarTech Summit and shared a moment of learning and networking with us. For those who couldn’t make it to our live sessions and felt like you’ve missed out, don’t worry, you still have the opportunity to relive the summit on-demand here

Last but not least, the registration for our next Virtual MarTech Summit in June is now open and is focused on Data Driven Marketing. Simply register a pass for you and your team here – 

The MarTech Summit Team is pleased to have hosted an elite and engaging community. Stay tuned for more to come by following our social media accounts and joining The MarTech Community on Slack! 

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