MarTech Summit: Surviving A Competitive Jungle

MarTech Summit: Surviving A Competitive Jungle

It goes without saying that more and more brands these days are fighting to keep the spotlight in the ever so competitive industry they thrive in. With an endless stream of choices for goods and services, consumers are prone to feeling conflicted with their decisions, which only heightens the pressing need for companies to make their brands stand out in the consumer market.

This is exactly what the MarTech Summit—a summit series that gathers leaders in marketing technology, digital, IT, strategy, and innovation—aims to address in its upcoming virtual event on customer experience and engagement on August 13, 2020, from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. SST.

The virtual summit will cover a wide selection of interesting topics like location-based experience, marketing automation excellence, digital storytelling, and many more. With over 20 speakers expected to attend this event, this event promises to deliver quality discussions, insightful learnings, and countless networking opportunities to attendees all over the world!

The current COVID-19 pandemic has indeed caused a major rupture in one’s day-to-day life, but the Virtual MarTech Summit proves to the world that nothing can stop the cultivation of knowledge and desire for learning.

Last June, the MarTech Summit launched its very first two-day virtual event, which garnered over a thousand attendees. Experts from some of the top companies in Southeast Asia also took part in this virtual event by hosting talks on digital revolution and marketing technology.

By hosting a series of conferences showcasing different ways to offer seamless customer experiences, the summit intends to truly equip business leaders with the proper tools and strategies to produce long-lasting loyal customer relationships and gain the upper hand in this competitive jungle. 

About the MarTech Summit

The MarTech Summit is an event that comprises a series of virtual summits and in-person summits held in six locations: Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Jakarta, London, and Sydney. With speakers from major global companies coming to cover a wide variety of topics, the MarTech Summit aims to become the perfect platform for knowledge acquisition and networking opportunities. The MarTech Summit is organized by BEETc.

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