KL Women Meet 2019: When Networking Meets Purpose

KL Women Meet 2019: When Networking Meets Purpose

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Being a woman, from the generations of our great grandmothers – we have never had it easier. Before us, women from all over the world have fought hard to be able to study, work, vote, speak up and voice our opinion or even run in a marathon.

Happening on November 7, 2019, KL Women Meet 2019 is the subsequent event after the “Be Superwomen Walk” that was previously held at the Dewan Tunku Canselor, the University Of Malaya on September 7, 2019.

The inspiration behind both events was driven by a passion project that will be featuring inspiring women in Asia. They are part of the project’s initiatives to raise funds to publish the book (tentatively to be launch next year before June).

According to Angie S. Chin, the co-founder of Hanawomen and organizer of the event, the idea to publish the book was conceived when she chanced upon an international coffee table book that featured women pioneers from all over the world, however, none of them were Asian.

“Back then due to Asian culture, most Asian women’s achievements are less heard or seen in this part of the world. Even if they were, magazines and online sites would pick them up and run their stories. But to find a book that chronicled Asian women’s achievements in one book like the ones we see in the bookstores is hard to find. These women deserve to be remembered for the things that they do, their struggles, the achievements that they have accomplished and the lives they have impacted. There are many inspiring women in Asia that deserve a huge shout out too – including those from our country. And they deserve to be known – they could be women that you know too that some of us know little about or have not been receiving the kind of recognition they deserved”, said Chin.

Books will be distributed to women ministries and national libraries in countries where the selected women represent so new generations of young women can refer and be inspired.

The event aspires to congregate women from all walks of life to come together to be inspired by women who have achieved success in their lives, learn and share on a variety of pressing topics from industry experts, as well as to network over fun activities. Hot topics to be discussed include building and investing in women’s startups, the future of gig economy, the impact of social entrepreneurship and the challenges of building and growing brands.

KL Women Meet 2019 will be curated to be different than the usual women’s conference or networking events. The event looks forward to connecting women to wisdom gained from real experiences, to spark conversation over discussions and expand the network of sisterhood through new friendships made during the activities.

On top of this, every portion of the signup fees will go on to support two good causes, Pichaeats, and TRCRC (Tropical Rainforest Conservation and Research Centre). Pichaeats empowers refugee families to earn sustenance from every food ordered while TRCRC educates and guides the society to conserve our rainforests/trees in support of mitigating the climate crisis to ensure they continue to grow and pass on to the next generation.

To RSVP for the event, kindly go to http://t2u.asia/e/15368, early-bird fees from today until October 15, 2019. Group sign-up rates are also applicable (7 pax and above) and can be arranged by writing to hello@wonderwomen.asia.



Formerly known as HelloHera Hub, Hanawomen was officially launched on the January 17, 2019 by YB Hannah Yeoh, Deputy Minister in the Women, Children & Community Development, Hanawomen operates Hanawomen Hub, Malaysia’s first on-demand open-concept working space created especially for women startups, freelancers or women-owned businesses located strategically in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, at Q-Sentral within the vicinity of KL Sentral.

Although it’s a hub catered primarily for Women, they also welcome men that are part of the Women’s Project or a guest of public events held at the hub. It is the aspiration of the hub to work alongside ecosystem players and investors that support safe workplace for women and mothers, and empowering women with tools and knowledge to be self-sustainable.

The hub is also looking forward to launching an online Fintech platform that helps budding Womenpreneurs kickstart their projects before the end of the year.

If you’d like to support Hanawomen with the book project initiative, do contact them directly at hello@wonderwomen.asia. To keep up with the latest from the hub, visit www.hanawomen.com or contact the hub +603 2789 2470.

For further inquiries or one to one interview, please contact:

Angie S. Chin


Mobile: +6018 2007998

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