Jake of All Trades with Del Ro: A Melting Pot of Perspectives

Jake of All Trades with Del Ro: A Melting Pot of Perspectives

“We want to be as diverse, holistic, and inclusive as possible,” said Jake Del Rosario in the very first episode of Jake of All Trades. If there is a line that accurately describes this podcast series here, indeed, it is this one in particular.

Jake of All Trades is “the place to be for any niche, every genre, and all generations.” This podcast series is entirely created, produced, and hosted by Jake Del Rosario, who describes himself as “the extraordinary introvert”, extraordinary because despite his soft-spoken personality he yearns to get out of his comfort zone by trying new things, running a podcast being his new venture. Del Rosario released the first episode of his podcast in July 2020 and has since released 22 episodes featuring guests of various walks of life such as Janine Labrador, an overseas Filipino worker, and Oshu Luna, a Twitch streamer.

What exactly is Jake of All Trades? As stated in the first episode of the series, the name of the podcast is a reference to the term “jack of all trades”, its definition being: a person who can do many different types of work. With this being said, Jake of All Trades is a podcast that discusses everything under the sun. From education, work, dating, culture, and adulting, this podcast has got everything covered.

In Jake of All Trade’s very first episode, Del Rosario partly talks about why he pursued this podcast. He mentioned that the two main reasons are: for his personal growth and to create content that makes others feel great. He also encouraged his viewers to be open with him and to give importance to their mental health. Evidently, mental health is something very crucial to Del Rosario, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. 

In addition to this, he spoke about the importance of having a side project. To better explain, Del Rosario brings up the achievements of pop legend Michael Jackson. “Why is he so remembered? Because he has art to show, music, he has interviews, he has so many archives, AKA he made his side project his life.” Relating his podcast to the side projects of so many beloved and late artists, he considers Jake of All Trades to be an avenue to show what he can offer the world.

Some of the podcast’s episodes come in two separate parts, showing two guests sharing their different perspectives on the same topic. Through this, Del Rosario makes it a deal to be open-minded and to use his podcast as a medium wherein various individuals can share their own opinions and even shed light on certain topics.

For example, in Episode 2 of Jake of All Trades, Del Rosario sat down with Gabbi Dario, an Interdisciplinary Studies student from the Ateneo de Manila University. She shared her insights about surviving school in the new normal as a student. “I like what you said about being teachable, it is a value everyone should bring even after college. I am working right now and I learn something new each day because I am open to suggestions and feedback about my craft,” Dario said when Del Rosario brought up the topic of asking for advice and accepting criticisms. This particular episode speaks to the students among his viewers, and encourages them to hone their craft and ask for guidance from friends and family amidst the pandemic.

Episode 3 on the other hand, covers the perspective of a teacher when it comes to education in the new normal. Del Rosario sat down with Dr. Enrique Nino Leviste PhD, a Sociology and Anthropology professor from the Ateneo de Manila University and discussed his take on the topic. “The needs of students change. The needs of students evolve. Hence, departments have to be mindful and sensitive of that. Rightfully so, we should continue to evolve as well, and transform,” Dr. Leviste said. True enough, so many changes occurred in the education sector because of the pandemic, such as the utilization of online distance learning. These changes are beyond anyone’s control. Therefore, students and teachers alike struggle in adjusting to this new learning modality.

Jake of All Trades tackles relevant and insightful topics that viewers can relate to. This podcast is perfect for people who want fun yet meaningful takes on the events that occur in daily life. While sharing their experiences, Del Rosario and his guests give helpful advice and good vibes to motivate you in facing what life has to offer. “I wanna be for the people by the people,” Del Rosario said regarding Jake of All Trade’s focus, and his content definitely caters to all types of people.

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Written by Beatrice Santillan

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