CODAME presents the ART+TECH FESTIVAL『 S P ▴ C E 』 2019

CODAME presents the ART+TECH FESTIVAL『 S P ▴ C E 』 2019

California, USA – This year, CODAME’s ART+TECH festival is themed around SPACE inspired by Buckminster Fuller: “We are not going to be able to operate our Spaceship Earth successfully nor for much longer unless we see it as a whole spaceship and our fate as common. It has to be everybody or nobody.” 


The event will happen on October 25 to 27, 2019 at GitHub HQ, 88 P. Collin Jr. Way in San Fransisco. 


The CODAME mission is to explore, create and inspire true experiences – collaboratively! This year ART+TECH Festival will again chart the inner and outer worlds we inhabit through installations, hands-on workshops, and panels. Participants will be immersed in wall-to-wall interactive multimedia, Virtual and Augmented Reality, speculative design, live performances and opportunities to build collaboratively.


From CODAME Co-Founder, Bruno Fonzi: 


“Space is a canvas on which we write our stories, paint our dreams and build our realities.” 


The Festival will be a nexus of artists, inventors, dancers, creative technologists, coders, and thought leaders. By day, an interdisciplinary gathering of innovators will host workshops on the latest questions and developments in the fields of AI, data visualization, VR and AR. By night, visitors will be invited to experience over 30 interactive installations and performances at GitHub’s headquarters.


Come to the workshops and stay for the nightlife! Our workshops will create space to understand and practice cutting edge techniques and share them with the community. The nightlife will feature interactive installations and immersive performances. 


This year we will feature installations from artists and scientists including: 


  • Refik Anadol – Mars Machine Hallucination: A parametric data sculpture created with 12 terabytes of images downloaded from the HiRISE telescope. Refik explains: “This is a study of celestial structure that you don’t see every day. We know it’s there, but we don’t see it; we have a feeling that it’s real. [The artwork is] a kind of AI research, where we’re trying to create a synthetic reality of the surfaces of Mars.” 


  • Clea T. Waite – Ice-Time: Filmed in Western Greenland, Antarctica Ice-Time is a poetic response to the accelerating changes we are currently observing in Earth’s ecosystem due to climate change. This multi-channel video projection began as an inquiry into the deep time of our planet’s environment. It documents our unique moment in glacial space-time, expressing the beauty, the rationality and the gravitas of ice.


This year’s workshops include hands-on instruction from tech luminaries including: 


  • Gary Boodhoo – Workshop: Making Art with AI: Synthesize digital collages using Artificial Intelligence. participants of all skill levels will learn how to apply neural transfer style techniques to digital photography. No experience is required, This is your opportunity to learn just like Gary Boodhoo in an interview with CODAME said: “I didn’t know much about machine learning at the time. …I dove deeper. I especially appreciated resources like GitHub, which is such a vital repository of technical knowledge, encouragement, and workarounds during this time.” 


  • Jasmine Roberts – Workshop: Immersive XR Journeys: Learn to create surreal and immersive environments in the Unity Engine. Play with concepts like scale and haptic interaction. Get acquainted with Unity’s versatility and using OpenXR to unlock a myriad of possibilities for sharing and developing your creations.


We will be closing the festival with a community gathering and panel featuring artists, volunteers, and partners. Our topic will be, “Injecting Artists into High-Tech Startups to Transform Industries”. It will be moderated by the Center for Advancing Innovation’s Founder and CEO, Rosemarie Truman. Read more about our extended partnership with CAI here


A full lineup of participating artists and exhibited works can be found on the CODAME event website.



We are proud to announce our new partnership with The Garage at Microsoft, Open Austria, Re: Imagine End of Life Festival, ARTIVIVE, and our host GitHub. We are also grateful for the continued support of Salesforce. 



CODAME is a collective of over 30,000 artists, technologists, designers, engineers, and industry professionals. For eight years, our events have been a nexus for creatives and thought leaders working at the intersection of Art, Technology, and Science. 


We are an inclusive community shaping the future through playful launches of ART+TECH projects. For this reason, we offer free and sliding scale tickets to all our events to fulfill our mission or collaborative creation. 


The CODAME brand of immersive, engaging, and out of the ordinary experiences was coined at the inaugural CODAME ART+TECH Festival in 2010 on a foggy rooftop in downtown San Francisco. Since then we have inspired 100k+ industry visionaries and curated collaboration between artists and technologists through events, workshops, offsite, lectures, and installations. For more information, visit:







A comprehensive list of artists and projects/workshops, along with links to our social media channels and posts can be found here



Archive of previous event pictures to select from here.

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