Chief Product Officer 2020 | Cognitive Links: From Data-driven to Insight-driven Product Management

Chief Product Officer 2020 | Cognitive Links: From Data-driven to Insight-driven Product Management

In an age where Big Data is becoming more ubiquitous and advantageous for every company, this conference is one not to miss. 

Chief Product Officer 2020 is a FREE and online live conference to be held from October 7 to 8. The event is hosted by Cognitive Links, an organization that specializes in Data Analytics in Southeast Asia. Some of the services they provide are Talent Sourcing & Recruitment, Analytics Jobs, Analytics Training, Conferences, and meetups within the domain of Data Analytics.

The virtual conference will focus on product management coupled with insights from the field of data and product analytics. Cognitive Links recognizes the evolving role of product managers who act as strategic leaders of the company, bridging gaps between different business functions while driving revenue. Chief Product Officer 2020 will be bringing experienced speakers from both regional and international companies (LinkedIn and Deloitte to name a few) to discuss how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will transform product management in the future, in addition to the trends and challenges that come along with it.

The event caters to companies that have an existing product management division and to those looking to establish one. The conference will be hosting a total of 15 speakers, 1,000 attendees viewing the conference live, and 3,000 asynchronous views. Click here to see the detailed itinerary for each day.

One has nothing to lose in joining this conference, and in fact there’s much to be gained considering the increasing utility and value of Big Data as businesses work towards the future. 

For this virtual conference, participants are expected to be coming from multinational companies: business heads, shareholders, CEOs, top executives, and tech-savvy professionals who are all seeking to expand their social network and repertoire.


  • Carmen Opera – Vice President of Product at HappyFresh, Singapore
  • Mike Sherman – Author of 52 Things We Wish Someone Had Told Us About Customer Analytics
  • Vipin Sharma – Global Head of Products at Circles.Life, Singapore
  • Manoj Awasthi – Vice President of Engineering at Tokopedia, Indonesia
  • Dr. Liron Nehmadi – Chief Product Officer at Catch Group, Australia
  • Paul Meinshausen – Co-Founder of Aampe, Singapore
  • Mike Dickinson – Chief Product Officer at Brankas, Singapore
  • David R. Hardoon – Senior Adviser for Data and Artificial Intelligence, UnionBanks of the Philippines
  • Guiam Wainwright – Head of Product at Panalyt, Singapore
  • Hendro Riyadi – Vice President of Productat Bukalapak, Indonesia
  • Niko Questra – Chief Product Officer at Ekrut, Ex-Tesla, Indonesia
  • Ajay Datta – Head of Product at LinkedIn, India
  • Laurin Lukas Stahl – Senior Product Manager at Fave, Malaysia
  • Alex Sherman – Data Scientist at Deloitte, United States
  • Shesh Vasudevamurthy – Product Management Leader, Executive Coach, India

In addition, Cognitive Links encourages the following professions to attend this insightful event: Chief Analytics Officer. Chief Data Scientist Chief Marketing Office, Head of Digital Marketing, Head of Engineering, Head of UI/UX, Customer Insights and many more.

Based in Malaysia, Cognitive Links was established by Data Professionals to empower the Data Community. They are committed to the advancement of the Data Analytics ecosystem in Southeast Asia. It envisions itself to become the One-stop Centre in bringing the Data Community closer together.
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