Being True with the Tipsy Friday Podcast

Being True with the Tipsy Friday Podcast

With a podcast named ‘Tipsy Friday,’ one may imagine heart-to-heart talks with the barkada. This is exactly what it’ll feel like listening to Papi Denn (Dennyson O. Hilbero) at the Tipsy Friday Podcast. He shares with listeners a streetwise, Filipino approach to everyday challenges and practical tips on how one can overcome them.

Now you may be asking, what makes the Tipsy Friday Podcast stand out?

“Tipsy Friday is hoping to reach and provide basic sales life lessons to people who are already in sales, testing the water into being a salesman, and into entrepreneurship,” shared host Papi Denn.

Beyond providing useful tips for daily life, the podcast communicates with the everyday Filipino in an intimate fashion. With various guest speakers and success stories, many listeners are inspired by the combination of monologues and interviews that the podcast features.

Papi Denn identifies problems that the everyday Filipino faces. Only when he believes a dependable solution has been created will he start recording an episode.

When asked about what the Tipsy Friday Podcast team hopes to convey through their platform:

“We want the Filipino people to be aware of that streetwise approach that is
innate to us Filipinos. Do not lose hope when you do not have access to
Opportunities, do not give up on your sales career when you failed to meet your
Quota. Just do what you must do to reach your dream. Tipsy Friday will walk
Beside you, will inspire you and will be there for you.”

The spontaneity and ingenuity of this goal shine through the podcast. With over 10 years of experience in sales, Papi Denn has witnessed countless colleagues giving up simply because there was no one around to push them to stretch and not to quit.

Having witnessed this, a strong desire came about. Papi Denn desired every Filipino to have that individual in their life — and he is that person through the Tipsy Friday Podcast. He hopes that listeners know that there is always someone listening and is holding their hand through the entire journey through the podcast. 

Beyond being a salesperson, Papi Denn shared that he is a public servant by profession. The humble beginnings of the Tipsy Friday Podcast stemmed from his passion for promoting the streetwise approach.

Denn hopes for listeners to realize that if one wants to succeed in life, he/she does not need to be the smartest person in the room who plays by the book. Being a streetsmart could be a useful tool to reach those goals.

To become a step closer to being as streetsmart as you can get, catch the Tipsy Friday Podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. You can also check them out on their social media platforms: Facebook and YouTube.

Papi Denn may be contacted via email:


Written by Emee Marjorie Dy

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