Baet Experience: Strictly No BS, Just Real Talk

Baet Experience: Strictly No BS, Just Real Talk

“Straight forward. No BS. It’s about how anyone can relate to everyone,” is the motto of the Baet Experience podcast. The “Baet Boys” are not kidding when they say they are straight to the point. Every episode starts with a short introduction to the podcast, then goes immediately to the topic at hand. No BS indeed. Their motto really sums up what this podcast is all about.

Baet Experience focuses mainly on topics surrounding steady health, fitness, and passion. The series discusses topics such as, but not limited to, working out during the pandemic, self-care at home, and people’s passion projects or businesses. The podcast is hosted by the aforementioned Baet Boys: Imman, JL, Carlo, and Edvel. Quite an interesting quartet if you ask us. They released the first episode of Baet Experience in May 2020 and have since released 24 episodes and will be releasing their 25th episode. A couple of their guests include the strongest powerlifter in the Philippines, a Professional Basketball player, and a lifestyle vlogger. Any of these pique your interest? Stay tuned to find out more about these intriguing personalities.

So we bet you are curious about what exactly is the reason behind the creation of Baet Experience. Based on the podcast’s numerous topics and guests, the series heavily focuses on aspects such as personal fitness and business ventures. While the topics are pretty random, they all revolve around these particular genres which we can assume that the hosts are very passionate about. So if you are looking for helpful advice and insights on these topics, Baet Experience Podcast has definitely got you covered.

In Baet Experience Podcast’s first episode, the Baet Boys talk about coping with the new normal. Their special guest being Mr. Rey Subingsubing who shared interesting developments about the blooming business he recently started called But what exactly is According to Sir. Rey, aims to provide training programs, and make education accessible to everyone. He is hoping for his venture to cover face-to-face meetings in the future instead of merely virtual ones due to the limitations posed by the current pandemic. He also mentioned that going online is the best course of action, especially during these dire times. Basically, Sir. Rey’s goal is to adjust to the current situation, and we could not agree more. The inevitability of change. This is what aims to help people adjust to, whether it be regarding the newest advances in terms of people, environment, or technology; this educational site is here to help you cope with the changing times. Throughout the podcast, the Baet Boys listen as Sir. Rey talks about the number of ways helps people cope during the pandemic, while important insights were shared between both parties along the way. An interesting conversation indeed.

As seen in the events of the very first episode of the Baet Experience podcast, it is the open-mindedness, interest, and attentiveness of the hosts that make this podcast such a great one. The hosts of the Baet Experience podcast use their platform to tell the stories of different individuals. While they provide thought-provoking ideas and points here and there, they do not take the spotlight away from their guests and their experiences. Open minds and open ears, this is what Baet Experience promotes to its listeners. With that being said, here are more instances where the Baet Boys showcased this.

Episode 10 of Baet Experience talks about a day in the life of a lifestyle vlogger, model, and actress with the special guest being Ms. Allora Alacantara. The Baet Boys learn about this fun and interesting hobby whilst Allora shares her experiences, inspirations, thinking process, and many more that shaped her journey as a vlogger. It all started with watching YouTube videos. Alacantara mentioned how much she enjoys watching videos to pass time, then one night she suddenly thought to herself, “Why not start making videos again and continue where I left off 2 years ago?” And so she did. Having more free time during the lockdown, as well as lesser commitments in college and work, pushed her to return to this passion of hers. Alora added how being a vlogger requires numerous tools to produce the best content possible, such as a high-quality camera, a trusty camera stand, and a good ring light. In addition to this, to brainstorm ideas for her own content, she usually makes a list of borrowed concepts from other content creators on YouTube, picks the ideas that she clicks with, then reinvents them in a way that makes them original and unique to her style. Allora also stressed how taxing the filming and editing process of her videos are. Filming usually takes an entire weekend, while she is glued to her devices for an entire day just to perfectly edit her content. Throughout the podcast, the Baet Boys develop huge respect for their guest’s hobby and the work she puts into it for vlogging is not an easy task at all.

Another instance where the story of the guest was greatly highlighted in Baet Experience was during Episode 18 where the Baet Boys learned about the story of Rafael Renzo “RR” Cahilig otherwise known as the “Strongest powerlifter in the Philippines.’’ Cahilig, 3-time champion of the powerlifting meet 105-kilo open and junior division, shares how he started his powerlifting journey and how it is going so far. Before powerlifting, Cahilig started occasionally lifting when he was around 12-13 years old. This is why we start them young. Following this, the hobby became more consistent as he entered college. It was when Cahilig joined an internship in the States that he met people that pursued powerlifting as a sport, and realized that it was his calling. He officially started his professional powerlifting career when he was 20 years old in the States. He has always been a sporty guy, Cahilig tried out basketball and American football during his high school days and kept exploring from there. What made him choose to pursue powerlifting professionally? Cahilig admits to how powerlifting has become an outlet for him to release stress, also the continuous progress and seeing his body get stronger gave him a lot of satisfaction. Throughout the podcast, the Baet Boys delve deeper into his journey as a powerlifter and begin to recognize the immense commitment and discipline that comes with the sport. Much respect indeed.

Based on these episodes, it can be said that the Baet Experience podcast is the perfect podcast for people who want to share their journeys, as well as viewers who want to get inspired by these individuals. This series is all about hearing out and relating to others through stories and experiences. The Baet Boys also give great insights to supplement the stories of their guests, and it becomes such a great learning experience for them, their guests, as well as their viewers. Looking for inspirational stories to brighten your mood during a lockdown? Baet Experience podcast is definitely worth a listen.

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Written by Beatrice Santillan

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