Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Virtual Summit 2020

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Virtual Summit 2020

In an increasingly digital business landscape, utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) may be the next logical step for many companies. This is thanks to AI’s ability to efficiently automate processes, speed up analysis, provide better insights and so much more. 

Given AI’s increasing relevance to the business world, Global IT giant UNICOM has elected to hold the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Virtual Summit 2020. Going virtual in consideration of the COVID-19 pandemic, the event aims to shine a light on how businesses can deploy intelligent technology to reduce business costs and gain a competitive edge. The virtual event is slated to last for two days, from July 23-24 with events being held from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM  (Indian Standard Time) each day. Registration is open to anyone for $30 (USD).

The event format is interactive and delegates are encouraged to participate actively. They can engage in Q&As while networking with colleagues or like-minded peers during the panel sessions and in the intervals between.

The summit brings together four key presenters who are each expert in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. They are Ravi Ramaswami of health technology giant Philips, Sharath Kumar of tech conglomerate IBM, Sangram Sabat of virtual AI assistant manufacturer, Abduljabbar Asadi ( Lead Data Scientist) from Daimler, Rajeev Arora (Co-Founder and CTO) from Sensorise, Suman Debnath (Principal Developer Advocate) from Amazon Web Service and Richard J. Self from the University of Derby, UK.

Several topics under the theme of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will be covered in the virtual event such as the future of AI and its impact on industries:

  • – Behavioral and cognitive science
  • – Applying AI to complement decision making
  • – Natural language understanding in an era of deep learning
  • – Cognitive computing in finance
  • – And many more!


The host UNICOM is certainly no stranger to tech, being an India-based IT corporation with a global presence founded in 2010. It serves private and public businesses, governments, and a number of Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies. It has gathered a number of media partners and sponsors for the summit, including fintech-focused magazine Financial IT, boutique marketing agency Ambidextr, and research network Savvy Investor and few other media partners.

More and more businesses around the world are embracing the concept of going digital as a means of surviving the COVID-19 pandemic. This summit aims to cultivate an interest in AI and machine learning to keep businesses one step ahead of an ever-changing landscape and cultivate the possibility that one day, businesses will make a giant leap toward employing Artificial Intelligence in their operations to keep thriving in any situation.

With the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Virtual Summit, businesses can be one step closer to getting the best of innovation and technology.

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