Ano Na?

Ano Na?

“Life is short so why not say what you need to say? Make life fun, sweet, and meaningful.” This is what Bree-Free said when we asked her what message she wanted to convey through the Ano Na? podcast. 

Ano Na? is a new podcast started by Glen Ten and Bree-Free. With six episodes so far, including the pilot episode, the duo has already covered several trendy and random topics that are commonly discussed by the Filipino youth such as toxic Filipino traits, quarantine life, the Christmas season, and the influence of social media.

The podcast is a very promising project, but it’s important that we go back to its very roots. Back in 2019, Glen Ten urged Bree-Free to collaborate with him and create a podcast. What sealed the deal for the latter was two things: when the country went into lockdown, and the Netflix series entitled “The Midnight Gospel”. Ten, on the other hand, always dreamt of starting one. There was something that motivated him to start one in this time.

“What really pushed me to finally do it is the realization that even if we are in the middle of this godforsaken pandemic, it doesn’t mean that life should stop―it should be celebrated,” Glen Ten said.

After handling all the logistics that goes behind starting a podcast, the duo began recording sessions to remember and reminisce about “the beauty of life”. Ten also mentioned that through shared experiences and thoughts, they aim to make their listeners hope and feel that there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

If they were given the opportunity to create or collaborate a podcast with someone, they both said they would make one with their past selves. Bree-Free mentioned that every minute of talking with her past self would be like a roller coaster filled with emotions. Meanwhile, Glen Ten shared that he would rather meet with his 10-year old self. He could not imagine the type of conversations they would have, how many questions he would ask, and how proud he is of his future self.

In the long run, podcasts would want to go on forever. When asked about their dream for the podcast―including how long they would like to keep it going, how much bigger they would like their target audience to be, and where they want to be known―Bree-Free said that they want to go as far as possible without surrender. She refers to the podcast as their “baby” and wants it to grow to its full potential. Glen Ten added that they want different generations to eventually listen to them and realize that they have a lot of similarities with the hosts through different perspectives.

While it’s still much in its infancy, the Ano Na? podcast already shows that it has the potential to reach a wide audience and resonate with many Filipinos, regardless of their personalities and preferences in life.

“Whether you are an introvert, extrovert, or an ambivert, this is a safe place where you listen to two of your friends share their thoughts. Come join us in a conversation. A conversation that you sure would want to be a part of. Organic, spontaneous, and inviting. Let us be a reason for your epiphanies and life realizations, as we realize them ourselves and later ask yourself, ANO NA?,” Glen Ten and Bree-Free said.

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Written by Brian De Ocampo

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