Ambidextr, an advertising agency in the Philippines, featured in When in Manila

Ambidextr, an advertising agency in the Philippines, featured in When in Manila

On November 9, 2019, Ambidextr held a book writing workshop at its office at Future Now Ventures in Makati City. The event was titled “Building Your Bestseller: A Workshop on Book Writing for Brands” and featured attendees from some of the largest enterprises across the Philippines.


The event featured four speakers from Philippine advertising agency, Ambidextr, including Elyssa Lopez, Junie Agcaoili, Ezra Ferraz, and Sofia Galve. Each gave an overview of some parts of the book writing process, beginning from conceptualization and ending all the way at publication. Each session was accompanied by a corresponding activity that helped attendees develop book concepts for their own respective brands. 


The event drew on the collective expertise of Ambidextr as an advertising agency in the Philippines creating campaigns and creative for clients in the country and across Asia Pacific. In addition to working on boutique projects like books, Ambidextr handles everything from public relations and inbound marketing to thought leadership and events management


Ambidextr generally focuses on serving tech and tech-enabled companies, and most of the books cited during the workshop reflect just that. Ambidextr and its team members have had a major role in several books about the local or regional tech ecosystem, including The FinishersAsian Founders at Work, and Ready or Not 2020


The book writing workshop was documented in a feature written by Howi Bakunawa and Patricia Yap on When In Manila. In the article – which you can find here – the two writers discuss four reasons that business leaders should consider writing and publishing a book about their respective industries.


Sound like a waste of time? Even the CEO of one of the world’s most valuable companies in Microsoft’s Satya Nadella recently took the time to pen a book, entitled Hit Refresh: The Quest to Rediscover Microsoft’s Soul and Imagine a Better Future for Everyone. There is a tremendous value, in short, in telling your brand’s story in an intimate way that only a good book can provide.


In the When In Manila feature, the two co-authors give four major reasons why business leaders in the Philippines should consider writing and publishing a book. These include gaining recognition in the industry, establishing networks and connections, strengthening your team and learning from one another, and consolidating best practices. 


Simply put, book writing can establish business leaders and their brands as thought leaders in a particular field. There is business value to this, of course. As you become viewed as the go-to thought leader in a particular industry, people will first come to you for your knowledge and insights. But then they will also seek out your products and solutions, becoming your users, customers, and clients.


Book writing, then, is viewed by many forward-thinking brands as a way to connect with their target market where their headspace is not crowded with all the noise of social media. The end result is lead generation, sales enablement, and business development.


If you’re interested in writing a book for your business or even your own personal brand, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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