AGROMACH Africa 2020: Agricultural Advancements for an Evolving Industry

AGROMACH Africa 2020: Agricultural Advancements for an Evolving Industry

It is no secret that the agricultural sector is a backbone for many countries’ economic standing. In Africa, this industry boasts more than 32% of the continent’s total GDP. However, technological advancements, say machineries and other equipment to aid in farming, is a factor yet to be explored. In an area this large, wherein demand for food rapidly increases, so does the need to move towards ideas for agricultural mechanization. Not only would these innovations help feed the growing African population, there would be room to achieve maximum profitability from potential investors and stakeholders. 

Fortunately,  the upcoming AGROMACH Africa 2020 addresses this situation. This virtual event will take place live on December 9-10, at 9AM WST onwards, and is staged by events management company TAB Group. Registration for the event is free and available here.

Dubbed as the continent’s “biggest agriculture mechanization show,” AGROMACH Africa 2020 will feature an extensive roster of machineries, vehicles, and other equipment built for agricultural progress. It also presents attendees the opportunity to connect with industry professionals, both from African countries and all over the world, who will present their ideas and products for further development in this sector. 

Physical products that are to be showcased through this event include: fertilizing and seeding machinery, ploughs, drills, sprayers, cranes, trailers, and arguably the dominant piece to this line-up: tractors, among others. Services that highlight smart agriculture will also be present. Lastly, agriculture associations and organizations, banks and insurance companies, and governments will round up the attendant profiles. 

AGROMACH Africa 2020 aims to be a great platform to meet and exceed expectations set by the demand of agriculture mechanization companies. In estimates, it is to rally over 1,000 potential visitors, over 150 agricultural companies, over 300 senior delegates, over 50 exhibitors/sponsors, and over 30 expert speakers.

To achieve even greater success, this event will target 3 distinct stakeholders. The first are international companies, who may be looking into investments and business ventures in the continent. Secondly, local companies who already have business in the region may exchange ideas and learn new methods from their global counterparts. Last are key figures from prominent associations and organizations who will discuss investment opportunities and steps to be taken within this industry.

All in all, AGROMACH Africa 2020 aims to promote not only better agricultural practices but to accelerate the development of a continent full of untapped potential. 


TAB Group is an India-based company that utilizes exhibits, trade shows, and conferences, among other events,  to foster trade promotion, tech transfers, and efficient partnerships across various industries.

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