Afriexporter Expo: Trading With No Contact

Afriexporter Expo: Trading With No Contact

Not even a worldwide pandemic can stop Africa from sharing the best of their produce on the continent to the rest of the world.

Initially a physical event that was supposed to be held at the Lagos Oriental Hotel in Nigeria on September 29 & 30, the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted African agribusiness juggernaut Afriexporter to instead hold their annual Afriexporter Expo through online conferences and virtual exhibitions called the “Contactless Agribusiness: Integrating Cross Border and International Trade”.  Though the final schedule of presentations, exhibits and list of speakers will be announced at a later date, the event is sure to highlight the importance of resilience across business in the face of numerous challenges. Africa has grown to be a powerhouse in the agriculture business, and the Expo is designed to open solutions that will aid the economic status of all cross-trading countries. 

The event will be focusing on visual exhibitions and product presentations, focusing on the African export industry through networking and marketing at a high level to increase brand awareness, investment and expansions. This also gives the attendees a chance to build relationships with existing customers through market products and services, a chance to stake their name as a market leader, and expand businesses regionally and internationally. 

Afriexporter Expo 2020 will tend to more than five hundred attendees and fifty exhibitors in total, but the online format may open more slots than usual. To help, the entire event is organized to provide enough time for discussion with panelists renowned in Africa, their foreign partners and government officials that specialize in socio-economic planning. Participants will also have the chance to choose from different sessions with diverse topics that best fit their goals.

As the world begins to reopen economies slowly to recover from the global freeze, the Afriexporter Expo serves as the continent’s way to show the world how they can recover and help other nations through their booming agricultural exportation. Though the pandemic is yet to be officially declared “over”, events such as these provide a glimmer of hope by looking to the future.

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