A Dose of Diskarte Weekly

A Dose of Diskarte Weekly

Do you enjoy hearing stories about Artists, Content Creators, Entrepreneurs, and professionals from a variety of fields? From successes to lessons learned, Mark Mendoza of Diskarte Weekly shares how these speakers’ diskarte got them to where they are today.

Diskarte Weekly appeals to its listeners because of how relatable the stories are. There is great value in hearing others’ stories and learning from their missteps, where some listeners were even inspired to start their businesses.

In fact, the podcast has its fair share of stories from its own humble beginnings. Mendoza began listening to business podcasts in 2013 and has been wanting to start a podcast since. Drenched in sweat with a suitcase in hand he would walk 2 blocks to a shared office that he would set-up a make-shift podcast studio, Mendoza’s desire to help listeners learn the business and inspire them to get into the business. Only 31 years old, Mendoza spent his childhood in Australia but now lives south of Manila. His passion for business, music, and technology serves as the strong pillars of this podcast.

While the podcast features guests from different fields, they share a desire to progress in their journeys as entrepreneurs. As Mendoza said, “I’d like to continue getting impactful stories from amazing entrepreneurs.” Beyond Diskarte Weekly, Mendoza is trying to grow his YouTube channel, Diskarte Pilipinas, to reach even more people. On his channel, Mendoza shares tips and tricks on entrepreneurship and content creation. In the short-term, Mendoza hopes to be able to hold training sessions for individuals in need of training when it comes to building or growing a business.

Diskarte Weekly is an independently produced Filipino podcast. Each podcast begins with the guest’s background, the sharing of his/her experiences from the business world, and major takeaways a listener can remember from the episode.

Taking that leap and leaving that nine to five job is indeed a challenging decision to make. But Diskarte Weekly allows listeners to realize that there are countless opportunities that one can live and take on — and the podcast features guests who have done exactly that.

According to Mendoza, the strength through the community that Diskarte Weekly provides pushes listeners to “find their diskarte, find progress in their journey, and ultimately grow their wealth.”

“We hope to inspire, guide, or teach anyone that wants to get into business or investments by hearing stories from other entrepreneurs and their journey,” Mendoza added.

If you’d like to get a taste of Diskarte Weekly, they can be found on SpotifyApple PodcastsYouTube, and Instagram as @diskarteweekly.


Written by Emee Marjorie Dy

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