What I learned about Women in The Legend of Tessie Agana

What I learned about Women in The Legend of Tessie Agana

"The Legend of Tessie Agana" is a truly remarkable and inspiring story, particularly for its portrayal of women. Through the journey of a noteworthy child actor, the narrative effectively challenges and disproves conventional notions about women, illustrating their multifaceted nature and capacity for extraordinary achievements. Through her story, I realized many things about women: 

Women are stronger than most people think 

During World War II, the Agana family, like many others, faced the harsh realities of soldiers everywhere, bombs falling, and violent battles. The Philippines was far from a safe haven, forcing the Aganas, including Tessie's pregnant mother, Linda Estrella, to flee quietly, witness countless deaths, and endure the horrors of war. Despite these challenges, Linda's resilience shatters the stereotype of women as fragile and emotional, portraying them as stronger than perceived.

Women are naturally achievers and prominent contributors to the industry that they choose to pursue.

Sampaguita Pictures is one of the well known companies in the Philippine industry. It is the home for the iconic movies Mara Clara, Batch ‘81, and Princesita. However, their success was once bound to end due to the fire that burned their company down, including their films during the 1950s. It was a drastic accident that they felt they could never overcome. Yet, with a young eight year old Tessie, the company was able to bring back its full glory. Tessie's significant role in the movie "Roberta," which used Sampaguita Pictures' remains as a setting, serves as a testament to women as natural achievers and contributors to their chosen industries

Women deserve to be rightly seen and adored. 

Tessie and Linda Estrella were painted as dedicated and fierce women of their time. They are the epitome of hard work and passion as they are not only actresses that are hard to forget, but as well as mothers and family members that did everything they could to show how much their loved ones meant to them. However, upon reading the entire book, these women crave consistent and genuine love for their authentic selves, beyond their on-screen personas. This underscores the importance of recognizing and adoring women for who they truly are.

Women can make their own choices and decisions.

Expounding on being in front of the cameras for a big portion of their lives, Tessie and Linda have a real life outside of the sets too. This is why even if they were placed in a foreign environment with people  they were not familiar with, they were excited and willing to be accustomed to a new set of lifestyle and practices. For the first time, they were given the chance to actually live a life separated from the public eye and severe expectations as celebrities. This experience emphasizes that women are individuals with autonomy, not beholden to the masses, capable of deciding for themselves and pursuing their aspirations. 

In essence, "The Legend of Tessie Agana" delivers a profound lesson, revealing the layers of truth and resilience within women that deserve universal acknowledgment and appreciation.


Written by Rona Ravor

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