Through the Looking Glass: The Many Shades of Life and How Perspective Can Change Everything

Through the Looking Glass: The Many Shades of Life and How Perspective Can Change Everything

“It’s the state of our mindsets that determine the quality of our lives.” - Gresson Peiffer

As I stared into the void, lost in thought as to how to expound on this quote, my eyes landed on the sunglasses dangling quietly on my wall-mounted rack, then it suddenly struck me. Gresson Peiffer's profound insight from her book "Sharing My Light & Healing Energy Journey to True Self" prompts us to liken life to the diverse purpose of sunglasses. Just as various sunglasses cater to specific needs, we can shape our attitudes in life similarly.

Sunglasses offer a range of advantages: gray tints reduce brightness and glare for driving, brown tints brighten vision on cloudy days, yellow or orange tints increase contrasts in low-light conditions, and so on. Analogously, life presents unique circumstances, and it is suggested to choose the most fitting "lens" to view experiences, enabling a more positive and fulfilling outlook.

The realization struck me that sometimes, we perceive things not as they are but as we are. The lenses we choose create a personal filter, impacting how we perceive reality and shaping our overall perspective. A positive lens allows us to see goodness in people, while a negative one urges us to focus on the bad. A hopeful lens fosters a positive attitude towards the future, whereas a pessimistic one anticipates adverse outcomes. Importantly, our perspectives are not fixed; the lens we wear is a choice within our control. Recognizing this empowers us to actively shape our perception of reality.

If we’re discontent with how we see the world, there is always an option to change lenses. Sometimes, a lens of resilience or determination might be all we need. We must choose a lens aligning with our values and aspirations, enabling us to navigate life's challenges with greater ease. The sunglasses analogy emphasizes adapting to various situations and opening ourselves to new perspectives. Just as we wouldn't wear the same sunglasses in all weather, we shouldn't approach every situation with an unchanging outlook. Flexibility and a willingness to adjust our mindset enhance our ability to cope with changes and uncertainty.

Stuck in old cycles with old perspectives, reframing is necessary to create a new narrative. This helps break negative patterns and move towards a more positive and fulfilling life. Problems become blessings, obstacles become stepping stones, discomfort signifies growth, rejection redirects us, and endings open portals to new universes. Releasing what no longer serves us allows us to see the world in a brighter, more promising way.

Understanding that "life is meant to be lived, for us and never against us," challenges us to bring out our best, Peiffer's wisdom provides ways to approach life's challenges. Despite external turmoil, embracing the lessons in her book brings us closer to what truly matters in life.

by Angel Aiza Invina

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