The Faces of Love in the Legend of Tessie Agana

The Faces of Love in the Legend of Tessie Agana

Love is a remarkable and powerful feeling that every human being yearns to experience at some point in their lives. It comes in various forms and can be seen in the smile of a stranger, the hustle and bustle of a busy street, a quiet breakfast, or even the innocent words of a child. 

The Legend of Tessie Agana teaches us not to let precious moments of love slip away. To delve deeper into the essence of love, the book describes its beautiful faces and how it manifests in various forms.


The first face of love is romantic love, which is often portrayed as sweet and light. However, the book reveals that true love is a rollercoaster ride, complete with its ups and downs. It can withstand all challenges and is based on trust, which should be the cornerstone of every relationship.


The second face of love is found in intangibles, in things we do for ourselves and for others.  It can be cooking someone their special dish, sharing some quality time with our special someone, creating art that makes us smile,, and even pampering ourselves with a much needed nap. These small acts of love make every moment sweeter and more vibrant.


The third face of love is the love of mothers. Women, especially mothers, have a unique ability to be loving, and their love should be considered the gold standard when choosing who to let into our lives. It is a pure, unwavering and unconditional love that brightens even the darkest paths.

As the book emphasizes, love is the only thing that comes out of the heart, and we should strive to make it a habit to love everything around us, even the things that seem less lovable. Loving is precious because every encounter with love can make us both vulnerable and strong. Let us appreciate the beautiful faces of love because we are made of love and meant to live by it.


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