A Look at E-Commerce for Everyone

A Look at E-Commerce for Everyone

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As Bookshelf PH recently announced, we’ll be selling NFTs for The E-Hustle. Each NFT is represented by a digital artwork of that chapter and also comes with a utility: Once bought, the chapter is released until the public domain, and the NFT owner is recognized as a presenting sponsor in the book as well as related marketing and publicity collaterals. The supporting campaign, called E-Commerce for Everyone, aims to get the public domain version of The E-Hustle into the hands of 1 million Filipinos. E-Commerce for Everyone will be a year-long online and offline campaign lasting from November 2021 to November 2022. Purchase of the NFTs would thus be ideal for any brand, organization, or individual who wants to be known as an e-commerce enabler in the Philippines and intimate themselves with current and aspiring digital entrepreneurs. 

As interest in The E-Hustle NFTs has been high, we wanted to provide more detail about E-Commerce for Everyone to prospective buyers.

Book formats 

To promote e-commerce and the presenting sponsors as far and wide as possible, we’ll be producing The E-Hustle into three different mediums. 

Print book of The E-Hustle - We’ll be reprinting the public domain version of The E-Hustle, which will showcase the NFT owner as presenting sponsor at the start of the chapter and feature a 1-page native advertorial about the person or organization at the end. All of these copies will be donated to places where they can be consumed on a one-to-many basis. These targets include private and public libraries as well as settings likely ripe with current or aspiring entrepreneurs, such as co-working spaces, corporate universities, venture capital firms, and more. 

eBook of The E-Hustle - We’ll be producing both an .epub and .pdf version of The E-Hustle that retains the presenting sponsorship at the start of the chapter and the 1-page native advertorial at the end. This eBook version will be listed on Bookshelf PH as a free item. Users can download this package and read The E-Hustle on the device and software of their choice. We anticipate that some readers may want to avail of The E-Hustle completely anonymously (as in the case of an employee exploring a new e-commerce venture), so we will also make this package available via Dropbox and Google Drive links that require no sign-in as well as general and book-specific Torrenting sites. 

Audiobook of The E-Hustle - We’ll be producing a professionally voice acted and directed audiobook version of The E-Hustle. This narrator will announce the NFT owner as the presenting sponsor at the start of the chapter and will voice an interstitial about the person or organization at the end. The audiobook version can be played on Audiophile, our streaming counterpart for audiobooks. Audiophile is currently web-based only, but there will be Android and iOS apps by the time E-Commerce for Everyone begins. Users can stream The E-Hustle audiobook or download it for offline use on mobile. As with The E-Hustle eBook, we’ll also be making the audiobook freely available as an .mp4 file via a Google and Dropbox link and Torrenting sites, should users prefer access that way. 

Marketing and Publicity Activities 

To promote the physical book, eBook, and audiobook versions of The E-Hustle - and in extension, the presenting sponsors - we’ll be having aggressive marketing and publicity activities over the course of the year, all of which have already proven successful for our other books. 

Co-marketing partnerships - We’ll partner with the organizations and brands most likely to yield current or aspiring digital entrepreneurs, including everything from MBA programs and industry associations to co-working spaces and VC firms, to promote and distribute The E-Hustle to their membership. 

Online and offline events - We’ll be hosting bi-monthly educational events about e-commerce. Some of these may feature the business leaders from The E-Hustle, and others will introduce other successful e-commerce leaders. In either instance, we’ll be pointing attendees to The E-Hustle as a means to learn about e-commerce more in-depth than an event can necessarily 


Public relations - We’ll be having monthly press releases relating to The E-Hustle, tying each one thematically to relevant calendar holidays and events. During Women’s Month in March, for example, Bookshelf PH will promote the female digital leaders featured in the book as a means of drawing attention to the work as a whole. These press releases will be distributed to local journalists and bloggers.  

Influencer marketing - We will also send The E-Hustle to micro influencers in business, who already have credibility as it comes to e-commerce or digital entrepreneurship. We will also provide The E-Hustle to macro influencers. While people may not necessarily look to them for business wisdom, they can get Filipinos to think of venturing into e-commerce who otherwise would not have. 

Content marketing - We will be creating content weekly, including blogs, email newsletters, and social media collaterals, to promote free availability of The E-Hustle. These will discuss e-commerce in general or The E-Hustle in particular, and will also variously involve the presenting sponsors and how their mission and vision supports digital entrepreneurs. 

Like what you see?

If you’re ready to jump in as an NFT owner of The E-Hustle, you can browse the collection HERE.

Here as well are links to the 17 individual NFTs: 

1. Building Brand Success on the Four Pillars of E-Commerce

Steve Sy, Founder and CEO of Great Deals E-Commerce Corporation

Link to Steve Sy's NFT

2. Thinking Outside the Box: How Dropshipping Encourages Sellers to Get Creative

Charles Ryan Sy, President of Dropify

Link to Charles Sy's NFT

3. From Drivers and Clients to Partners: How a Two-Pronged Approach Proved Key to Success

Dannah Majarocon, Managing Director of Lalamove PH

Link to Dannah Majarocon's NFT

4. From Your Wallet to Your Phone: The Changing Face of Cash

Martha Sazon, President and CEO of GCash

Link to Martha Sazon's NFT

5. Above and Beyond: Going the Extra Mile for E-Tailers

Dino Araneta, Founder and CEO of Quad X

Link to Dino Araneta's NFT

6. Engaging Buyers and Sellers in the E-Commerce Space

Martin Yu, Director of Shopee Philippines

Link to Martin Yu's NFT

7. Scaling Sustainably: Solving Grocery Woes in the Metro

Stefano Fazzini, Co-Founder and CEO of MetroMart

Link to Stefano Fazzini's NFT

8. Building an Authentic Brand Identity

Nina Ellaine Dizon-Cabrera, CEO of Colourette Cosmetics

Link to Nina Cabrera's NFT

9. How Can I Help You? Building a Customer-Centric E-Commerce Business

Kim Lato, CEO of Kimstore

Link to Kim Lato's NFT

10. One Step Ahead: Building a Fast and Forward-Thinking Digital Marketing Strategy

Zen Han, Vice President of National Sales for Oppo Philippines

Link to Zen Han's NFT

11. Appealing to the Filipino Through Engaging Content

Ben Wintle, Founder and CEO of Booky

Link to Ben Wintle's NFT

12. The Cool Kids: The Influencer's Role in E-Commerce Marketing

Ace Gapuz, CEO of Blogapalooza

Link to Ace Gapuz's NFT

13. The New Frontier: Leading the Livestream Revolution

Hiyasmin Neri-Soyao, Co-Founder and CEO of Shoppertainment LIVE

Link to Hiyasmin Neri Soyao's NFT

14. A Strong Foundation: Paving the Road for Online Payment

Francis Plaza, Co-Founder CEO of PayMongo

Link to Francis Plaza's NFT

15. Innovation Amid Disruption: When Flexibility Becomes a Pathway to Prosperity

Michael McCullough, Founder of KMC Solutions

Link to Michael McCullough's's NFT

16. Training for Tomorrow: Upskilling Organizations for E-Commerce

Mario Domingo, Founder of Neural Mechanics Inc. and DARC Labs

Link to Mario Domingo's NFT

17. Fast Forward: Helping Companies Transform with the Digital Revolution

Agnes Gervacio, CEO of MDI Novare

Link to Agnes Gervacio's NFT


Finally, here is the original announcement explaining the background and inspiration for The E-Hustle NFTs: Bookshelf PH set to release non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for The E-Hustle

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