Reality Check, We’re Not Getting Younger: Growth in Embracing Authenticity

Reality Check, We’re Not Getting Younger: Growth in Embracing Authenticity

Life in your early 20s can be a surprise.  Its unpredictable and fast-paced nature pushes us to work and achieve something. Yet as we march forward, do we embrace our authentic selves or just comply with what society expects us to be? Gresson Peiffer’s ‘Sharing My Light and Healing Enery’ illuminates us to “adulting” experiences —struggle, resilience, awareness, and acceptance, which all serve as beacons in accepting one’s authenticity. 

After graduating college, you get accepted for a job. Then, life starts pressuring you: ‘By the age of 22 you should start saving up for your future’. ‘Dapat at 25 may kotse ka na!’, ‘You should try to move out of your parents’ home now’. ‘You’re 27? You should have this amount in your account by now!’. ‘Before 30s you should be married na ha!’. ‘Panganay ka pa naman, baka pwedeng ikaw na muna mag-paaral kay bunso’....

    Grappling with the weight of responsibilities, expectations, and societal pressures, it's easy to lose touch with the inner child that resides within — that innocence, curiosity, and joy that once defined us as a person. Adulthood buries this recognition beneath layers of societal conditioning and self-imposed limitations. However, Sharing My Light reminds us that by nurturing and embracing this vulnerable yet resilient aspect of our being, we can peel back the layers of conformity and rediscover our core. Gresson Peifer encourages readers to break free from old habits and patterns by making conscious choices, acknowledging that while it allows us to experience life deeply, it can also make us vulnerable. Thus, learning to embrace sensitivity as a strength and learning to let go of resentment leads to that sense of peace within ourselves. 

Apart from recognizing one’s sensibilities, another thing to consider in adulthood is the learning experience brought by relationships and connections. Gresson Peifer emphasized that people are mirrors reflecting our strengths, weaknesses, and potential for their influence molds our beliefs, values, and behaviors. When we surround ourselves with supportive and inspiring individuals, we cultivate a nurturing environment conducive to fulfillment. Finally, Peiffer also talks of ‘Finding my life purpose’ in its final chapter. Through introspection and reflection, we unearth hidden potentials that lay the foundation for purpose-driven life. As they say, Nabubuhay tayo ng may pakinabang sa sarili at para sa ibang tao, and by having recourse to our unique abilities, we can make meaningful contributions to the people around us and to our society. Peiffer's emphasis on this ‘transformative power’ shows the importance of collective support in the pursuit of purpose.

Gresson Peiffer fearlessly shared the depths of adulting and growing, revealing the layers of pain, fear, and insecurity that often hinder acceptance of vulnerability. More than her memoir are encounters that even we could relate to. It is a roadmap for embracing our flaws and taking a brave step into the fullness of who we are meant to be. Sharing My Light is another testament that true healing begins with radical self-love and acceptance.

So Dear reader, it may be tough yearning and learning but hey, you are doing well. Stay kind to oneself and to others for there is nothing better than to bring a positive existence to this chaotic world. Lastly, you deserve a reward today by having a copy of "Sharing My Light", as you keep on with the adventure of a lifetime—a journey back to the essence of who you truly are. 


Written by Dane Alexis C. Malong

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