Once Upon a Time in Mom's Childhood: Reconnecting with Our Moms and Healing Together

Once Upon a Time in Mom's Childhood: Reconnecting with Our Moms and Healing Together

In the whirlwind of life, it's easy to overlook that behind the superhero facade of a "mompreneur" or a "boss mom" lies a genuine person with her own struggles and battles.

As we venture into our teenage years, we often sense a growing distance from our moms. This disconnect intensifies during adolescence as we forge connections with peers who seem more relatable. So it's crucial to look beyond the tough exterior and rekindle our connection with the youthful dreamer our mom used to be. Our mothers grappled with challenges during their own formative years too – the awkwardness of adolescence, self-doubt, and the pressure to fit in; but despite their own struggles, they may not have had the opportunity to address their personal issues due to the demands of raising us and managing other aspects of life. While it's easy to point fingers, acknowledging that parenting is challenging helps us appreciate their dedication to helping us become our best selves.

We must learn that behind the seemingly invincible image our moms project, there are hidden wounds from their past and they may not have had the opportunity to nurture their inner child. Despite this, we must remember that it's never too late for us to assist them in rekindling their dreams and supporting their healing journey. As we navigate our lives, we can play a role in their healing process by recognizing their humanity beyond the titles and pressures. 

Much like how Mylene wrote "The Legend of Tessie Agana" for her mom, we can initiate this process by asking questions about their forgotten childhood dreams, their most cherished moments with us, and more. Through this, we can unravel layers of stories about our moms and contribute to their healing. By starting vulnerable conversations, acknowledging their struggles, and creating a safe space for everyone, we can be a significant part of their healing journey and rediscover ourselves as well.

For those seeking advice on improving their relationship with their moms, “The Legend of Tessie Agana” by Mylene Agana Jao Richardson, provides not only insight into her mother's film career but also discusses the vulnerable moments that shaped her into the woman she became. Amid today's narratives of empowered mothers conquering the world, this book shows us why it's essential to recognize that their journey was not always as seamless as it may appear. 

“The Legend of Tessie Agana” invites us to step back in time and empathize with the struggles and triumphs of a woman once celebrated as "The Nation's Little Sweetheart" and the "Shirley Temple of the Philippines." Mylene's reflection unfolds Tessie Agana's life, resonating not just as a celebrity story but as a universal narrative of motherhood and womanhood.

Through this book, we can learn that our moms were once young dreamers, deserving a chance to rediscover the joy and innocence they might have lost along the way, and embracing the journey together is a simple yet powerful notion that can make us all stronger and more resilient.

Let's celebrate the strength in every mom, irrespective of the labels defining her, and make healing a shared adventure. 

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