Nurturing Souls: The Power that Your Energy Can Bring Unto Others

Nurturing Souls: The Power that Your Energy Can Bring Unto Others

Staying positive isn’t always easy.  Life throws challenges in front of us and we need to find ways to face them overcome them and still stay positive.  Leaning on others, our family and friends, is usually the easiest way to find comfort, but we also need to find the strength within us and stay positive even in the most difficult situations.

After reading the book Sharing My Light and Healing Energy: Journey to True Self, I learned some valuable lessons from author Gresson Pfeiffer about doing just that, looking inward for comfort, for strength, and for positivity.  

Be True to Yourself

Understanding what stops you from opening up is the first step. Facing your fears and embracing your true self is crucial. It might be difficult, but being aware of your limitations helps you work on them and be more authentic with others.

Speak Up

When expressing your thoughts, it's best to be clear and vocal. Only some people can read body language or cues, so speaking openly avoids misunderstandings. Being honest about your feelings establishes a comfortable and sincere atmosphere with your loved ones.

Create a Safe Space

Gresson Peiffer emphasizes the importance of being open and honest with yourself. By doing so, you create a stable persona that attracts others to be genuine around you. This openness establishes a safe environment where people can talk openly about their frustrations, happiness, or sadness.

Positive Energy Spreads

Sharing positivity is contagious. When someone absorbs your positive energy, they pass it on to others around them, creating a domino effect. By taking care of your inner self and sharing this positivity, you create a healthy environment where people feel secure to be their true selves.

Take the Leap

Being vulnerable might seem intimidating, but the freedom it brings is worth it. By being authentic, you become a happier, open, and honest person. Gresson Peiffer believes you have nothing to lose by being true to yourself. If someone leaves because of your authenticity, they aren't worth your time and energy. True friends and family who care for your genuine self will stick around.


In essence, being true to yourself and creating an open, honest environment allows you to spread positivity and form genuine connections with others. Embracing your authentic self and encouraging others to do the same can lead to a happier and more positive world for everyone


by Keisa Limdico

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