In Tune with Intuition

In Tune with Intuition

“If we act impatiently, things we build will likely fall apart faster than if we allow it to flow in our energy” - Gresson Peiffer

As a writing student, I can honestly say that there is nothing worse than when I am left staring at a blank page. The excitement of having an idea is unparalleled for us writers. It fuels the creative process effortlessly. But when the page is blank, that excitement can quickly turn into frustration. Every writer knows the struggle of finding the motivation to start a task and then wondering, "How do I begin? How do I achieve this goal? How do I finish this?" And in these moments of impatience, we risk jeopardizing the organic flow of our creativity.

For me, time is a constant adversary. Balancing college life, various responsibilities, and my writing ambitions is a challenge. When I do find a moment to write, it often gets interrupted by other demands. The struggle intensifies when I doubt my progress after years of writing. Graduation looms, and the pressure to hone my skills before venturing into the real world weighs heavily on me.

In our fast-paced world, we're expected to fulfill responsibilities efficiently. We work tirelessly, ignoring exhaustion and shutting out distractions, and we always strive for perfection. We silence our intuition or the internal compass that guides us when something feels off. I've fallen into this trap and pushed myself to the brink just to get things done. For a long time,  I believed that I have to just “achieve” without appreciating the journey. External influences often drown our inner voice and make us doubt our abilities. That’s why we focus on our mistakes and ignore our accomplishments. We often forget that it's unjust to demand flawless work while disregarding the progress made along the way. 

In Gresson Peiffer's Sharing My Light, she talks about her approach to listening to intuition to inspire readers. According to her, by embracing the present, we can focus on what's in front of us and channel our energy into the now rather than fixating on uncertain outcomes. Life is constantly changing, and we can't rush certain aspects. Embracing our accomplishments, no matter how small, is essential in a world that always feels unfinished.

So, I urge everyone, including myself, to silence the noise, listen to our intuition, and believe in our abilities. Acknowledge the progress, appreciate the diverse paths we've explored, and understand that growth takes time. By trusting our inner voice, we might realize that we've achieved more than we ever imagined.

Listen Closely. Intuition is a soft voice, not a silent one


by Johne Lawrence Parinas

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