Heartbreaks to Breakthroughs: How to Stay Inspired After a Broken Heart

Heartbreaks to Breakthroughs: How to Stay Inspired After a Broken Heart

Finding motivation while dealing with a broken heart is not an easy thing to do and it is normal to feel hopeless whenever we deal with challenging situations like a failed romance or losing someone special to us like a friend, a family member, or a pet. 

Despite hearing “You’ll get over it” from the people we’re close with, we often feel as if we’ll never move on from what we’re going through. However, there are many ways to turn your heartbreaks into your big break. Who knows? Maybe while searching for yourself, you’ll discover what you’re really passionate about. 

While it is not necessary to get our hearts broken to make significant changes in our lives, our heartbreaks can sometimes become our greatest motivation to take risks and make major life decisions. To help you with that, here are five tips to turn your heartbreaks into breakthroughs: 


Allow yourself to grieve 

While dealing with a broken heart, it is common for us to stay busy to keep ourselves too occupied to avoid thinking of the pain. However, doing this only prolongs the healing process because we are not attending to our emotional needs. Remember to never ignore what your heart is telling you and cry as much as you need. By doing so, you are beginning to open yourself to the journey of acceptance. 


Take care of your health 

The urge to ignore our health is normal when we are facing a heartbreak. We often hear about people who develop harmful habits such as smoking or drinking after facing a heartbreak and we understand this struggle. However, we must remember that rough stages in our lives come and go, and we must be prepared for the situations that will come along the way. Therefore, if you want to become the best version of yourself, you must not neglect your health and wellness. In fact, research shows that exercise is one of the best ways to mend a broken heart. Get up, prepare that workout outfit, and hit the gym! 


Express your feelings in productive ways 

Our emotions can get overwhelming when we’re dealing with heartbreak and we may feel stuck if we do not know where to pour these emotions. But don’t worry, because we can find productive ways to use these emotions. 

Most people use art as a way to express their feelings. Some start to paint while others  write in their diaries, publish poems, or even produce songs just like popular songwriters like Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars. As for me, I wrote a book titled ‘Sharing My Light and Healing Energy: Journey to True Self’, while in my healing process. This way, I was able to turn my emotions into an output that helped me find what I’m passionate about. 


Build more positive relationships 

A heartbreak often leaves us feeling lost and because of this, we usually limit ourselves 

from having new relationships. However, hearing new stories and building new connections can help soothe our broken hearts. This helps us find inspiration during trying times because it allows us to reflect on our relationships and be more open to new experiences. By slowly letting go of the past, we begin welcoming our future. 

To give you suggestions, you can join groups of people who share common interests with you or help in community service operations where you can listen to different stories from communities you’ve never met. You can also visit a local animal shelter and get a new furry friend! 


Understand that healing is not linear

Understand that healing is like a roller coaster where you have to face ups and downs. But just like a roller coaster ride, it will all end. By accepting that our lives will always have ups and downs, we become more confident in facing our challenges. This way, our heartbreaks eventually become stepping stones that will help us reach our goals. 

Surviving a heartbreak is already hard. What more if you want to stay inspired while dealing with a broken heart? Despite this, we must not forget that our bad experiences are just chapters in our stories and we shouldn’t get stuck if we want to know the ending. 

Do you want a happy ending too? Start turning heartbreaks into breakthroughs! 


by Gresson Peiffer

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