Heartbreak Souvenir: The Mementos of Journeying Through Heartbreak

Heartbreak Souvenir: The Mementos of Journeying Through Heartbreak

Souvenirs are evidence that we’ve been to places; they are little reminders of special moments and memories created in a certain location. These mementos may be small and inexpensive– a keychain of an iconic landmark, a fridge magnet, a postcard– or even big and expensive things, like home decors, or a portrait of a place. And other times, these souvenirs come in the form of intangible things that can't be hung or displayed, 

In life, we go through different paths and travel different roads. Some are easy, fun, and exciting; others, though, can be excruciating, and traumatizing. Most times we get to choose the path we walk and the journey we take, but other times we go through the inevitable and are forced to see it through. In life, heartbreak is the long, painful, ugly, and inevitable journey we have to take once or twice, or maybe even three times; but the good news: it does not come without a souvenir– every journey comes with a token of remembrance, even the ugly ones.

Unlike the usual trips we take, the journey through heartbreak is a trip that comes without a roadmap or a manual. There’s no telling when it’s gonna end or when the road becomes less bumpy and easier to navigate. It’s a journey you take on your own with no fellow tourists to show you the way. And, road signs don’t exist. So how do you get through this unknown journey? Tough it out and face it headfirst!  It doesn’t get easier, but it does get better when you learn how to face the roadblocks, deal with getting lost, and welcome the loneliness. 

In time, the journey that once was bleak and insufferable becomes the journey that teaches you a great deal about who you are; reveals your strengths and your weaknesses; helps you realize your potential and what you’re capable of on your own. It will uncover to you self-truths you never considered when you were in a relationship– or tied to something you once enjoyed– that was no longer serving you, just holding you down. 

The truth is, oftentimes, heartbreak is the journey you must take to find who you are. It is the voyage that changes you for the better so that you can be your best self!

Soon, the tides will turn, and you will be cruising and figuring your way out. 

So take that long, painful, and excruciating journey if you must. You will see that the journey is well worth it in the end; and the souvenir: a brand new version of you!

By Bhea Go

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