Happy World Teachers' Day!

Happy World Teachers' Day!

Happy World Teachers’ Day promotion of giving away one free audiobook

Our teachers in the Philippines made us who we are today. And despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic and remote learning, they’re still doing their very best to provide us with a quality education.

In honor of their dedication, we are giving away one FREE audiobook of your choice from our library. As a medium, audiobooks promote inclusion, well-being, and even language excellence - all values that our teachers strive to uphold.  

Please browse through this list to choose your FREE audiobook!

Justine Tajonera's Just for the Summer

Listen here: https://bit.ly/Just-For-The-Summer

Ines Bautista-Yao's Only A Kiss

Listen here: https://bit.ly/Only-A-Kiss

Justine Tajonera's A Portrait of Jade

Listen here: https://bit.ly/A-Portrait-Of-Jade

Roland Tolentino's Ang Mahaba at Maigsing Pagibig Nina Dario at Eufemia

Listen here: https://bit.ly/Ang-Mahaba-At-Maigsing-Pag-Ibig-Nina-Dario-At-Eufemia

Justine Tajonera's The Summer You Said Hello

Listen here: https://bit.ly/The-Summer-You-Said-Hello

 Happy listening!


Promo is valid from October 5 - 12, 2021


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