Bookshelf PH partners with BillEase to make books more accessible to Filipino readers  By Bookshelf PH

Bookshelf PH partners with BillEase to make books more accessible to Filipino readers By Bookshelf PH

Bookshelf PH and BillEase partnership

Books, at their heart, are an investment. Readers consistently do better than non-readers in knowledge building, skill acquisition, and even professional development. Unfortunately, access to quality books for many in the Philippines is often lacking.  

Libraries in the country are few and far between, and the cost of books at bookstores can be prohibitively expensive for many Filipinos. With the goal of making books more accessible to Filipino readers, Bookshelf PH has partnered with BillEase, a fin-tech company that provides flexible financing options to some of the top ecommerce stores in the Philippines, including Kimstore, Lazada, Mandaue Foam, and Datablitz. 

Through the partnership with Billease, qualifying Bookshelf readers can now enjoy several financing options, including pay later, pay in installments, and pay with down payment. These options make it possible for readers to purchase books that they would otherwise be outside of their budget. 

This solution is perfect for Filipino readers. Close to 98% of Filipinos still don’t have a credit card, owing to lengthy sign-up processes with many requirements. Because they don’t have a credit card, most Filipinos stick to cash on delivery, which limits the products they can buy at any given time. Now rather than having to buy one book at a time, or worse, none at all, Bookshelf PH readers can get all the books they need right away. 

The requirements to use BillEase on Bookshelf PH are simple. The applicant must be at least eighteen years old, and have a stable source of income, whether through a full-time job or freelancing. For documentation, applicants will need to provide: 

1.) one valid government ID. 

2.) one proof of income (payslip, screenshot of bank transaction history, Upwork certificate of employment, Paypal transaction history, or remittance slip). 

3.) one proof of billing (Meralco bill, credit card bill, water bill, cable TV bill, postpaid plan bill, etc).

Once qualified, Bookshelf PH readers can buy up to P10,000 in books, a limit that can be raised to as high as P40,000, upon successful repayment. These flexible payment options helps customers improve their cash flow, all while building up their credit score. Interest is typically set at as low as 3.49%. For other details, please check out frequently asked questions. 

Book readers can view the installment options on every product listing page, as shown here:  

As part of the Billease partnership, Bookshelf PH will be soon announcing a promo period of zero percent financing for a limited period as well as special book bundles. Stay tuned for more info!

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