Audiophile announces Early Access, enabling founding members to stream a growing library of Pinoy romance audiobooks on-demand

Audiophile announces Early Access, enabling founding members to stream a growing library of Pinoy romance audiobooks on-demand

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Audiophile by Bookshelf PH Early Access

The last year and a half may represent a watershed moment for Filipino content. With more Filipinos working from home than ever before, blurring the line between work-life, we need more entertainment to unwind, relax, and inspire. A new platform aims to provide just this escape for audiobook lovers in the Philippines.

Appropriately called Audiophile, the platform is now available on Early Access - the tech term denoting access to a product before an official launch - exclusively to the Filipino literary community. In order to demonstrate the potential of audiobooks as a new channel for Filipino literature, Audiophile has focused its initial library on content from a single genre: romance.

“There were many internal debates on what genre made the most sense to start with, but in the end we all agreed on romance. The genre is one of the most beloved among Filipino readers, and we wanted to breathe new life into it with the audiobook medium. We believe that listening to a love story shows off all the best sides of audiobooks - they’re intimate, relaxing, and engrossing,” said Monette Quiogue, Audiophile’s executive creative director.  

Audiophile defines romance broadly, providing audiobooks from authors who hail from many different backgrounds and specialities. Their work is spread across three main categories: contemporary romance, Tagalog language, and LGBTQIA+. A full list of Audiophile’s Early Access launch authors is available here

All of Audiophile’s audiobooks are exclusive to the platform, as they were produced in-house using best-in-class production standards, supervised by a lead audio engineer who has overseen production for more than 50 global titles. Each audiobook has thus undergone extensive pre-production, production, editing, QA, mixing, and mastering.

“We’ve been able to produce audiobooks that achieve world-class standards for the medium. Beyond the tech, we’re most excited for what this means for listeners: They get to experience content like never before, as though the narrator is right there beside them, documenting the story as it unfolds,” said Gloryen Limbo, Audiophile’s executive producer. 

Audiophile’s vision is to elevate the local audiobook industry to the level it has achieved in other literary markets. For most listeners, audiobooks represent a new, convenient way to experience stories, but they can also improve access, such as for the differently abled or the new to reading. Audiobooks also provide an additional revenue stream for authors and publishers, and give rise to many affiliated industries, such as voice acting.

Authors and publishers interested in collaborating with Audiophile are encouraged to reach out to the team at who want to listen to Audiophile’s growing library can visit Those who subscribe before October 4, 2021 will be grandfathered into a special rate of US$3.99 per month (a 20% discount over the regularly priced rate of US$4.99) as founding members. There is a 7-day FREE trial, and members can cancel anytime. 


Audiophile is a platform for Filipino romance audiobooks. Subscribers get unlimited access to Audiophile's growing library of romance content across contemporary, Tagalog, and LGBTQIA+ genres. Audiophile is FREE for one week, so you can discover your passion.

Audiophile was created by Bookshelf PH, a marketplace for books and ebooks

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