Stop Hidden Addictions: 7 Secrets to Real Freedom

Stop Hidden Addictions: 7 Secrets to Real Freedom

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Product Description:

Your path to healing starts here. Prepare to be set free from your bondages!

With the honesty that we’ve come to expect from Bo, he shares how even as a religious leader; he was a porn addict and approval addict. He details his harrowing experience – the uncontrollable urges, the insanity, and the ugly shame that ruled his life.

More importantly, in this life-changing book, you’ll learn Bo’s path to healing – and how you, too, can be healed. You’ll learn the seven powerful secrets that can set you free and give you the power to reclaim your life and fulfill your dreams:

  • Secret #1: Discover What You Really Need
  • Secret #2: Focus on Your Ambition, Not on Your Addiction
  • Secret #3: Love the Sinner and the Saint Within
  • Secret #4: Create a New Outer World
  • Secret #5: Redefine Yourself
  • Secret #6: Get Rid of Toxic Faith
  • Secret #7: Take Charge!

Read this book and change your life forever.