Book Production Overview - Part 2

Thank you for completing part 1 of the book production overview! You're almost done!

We just wanted to clarify a few important notes about the book interviewing, editing, and publication process, so we can make your feature as great as possible and the collaboration for it as seamless as possible.

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Corporate Governance

We’ve interviewed a few business leaders in the past who were understandably eager to be interviewed for a book. Unfortunately, they neglected to get their participation approved through their organization’s typical corporate governance procedures for external communications, be it their direct supervisor, senior leadership, communications team, legal team, human resources team, board of directors, or global headquarters.

Because they did not secure approval, they had to pull out from the project, but only after they have been interviewed. Such a withdrawal is unfortunate as it wastes their valuable time as well the time of the editorial team who already worked on their feature, including the transcriptionist, interviewer, author, copy-editor, editor, illustrator, designer, and layout artist.  

If you have properly secured proper corporate approval to participate in this project, please type in your full name to acknowledge that you have. 

How did you secure corporate approval to participate in this project? 


Book production is a high touch process. We will need to reach out to you again for follow up questions from your initial interview, get your feedback on the initial draft and any multimedia, and collaborate with your organization for any co-marketing activities, to name just a few co-creation elements. In the past, a few business leaders were not able to communicate in a prompt manner at certain points in the production process, forcing us to remove them from the book because we needed something from them that they didn’t furnish in time. As such, we would like to clarify who we shall be communicating with for this book project.

Who will be the primary point of contact for this book project? 

What is the email of this primary point of contact? 

Who will be the secondary point of contact for this book project? 

What is the mobile phone number of this secondary point of contact? 

If you can commit to responding to all requests within 48 hours, please type in your full name on behalf of both the primary and secondary point of contacts.


Giving an interview for a book is very different from doing so for digital, print, radio, or television. In order to give a good interview, business leaders should understand what kind of responses translate the best into the kind of depth that long-form writing demands. We have put together a helpful primer on how to give a strong interview for a book that you can find here

If you have read our primer on interviewing for a book and feel confident you can interview in this manner, please type in your full name. 


After your feature is written, we will give a courtesy review. The point of this review is to identify anything factually inaccurate (for example, we state that your company was founded in 2012, when it was really founded in 2013) off brand (for example, we call your company an “ecommerce marketplace” but you prefer to be identified as a “digital store”), or unreadable (for example, one of your verbal quotes may need to edited further to read more smoothly in print).

The point of this review is not to change the tone, style, angle, research, or other major components of the feature. This is important for several reasons. One, your feature needs to be stylistically and thematically consistent with the others in the book. Two, we need to preserve journalistic integrity as this is not an advertorial, in the same way you wouldn’t ask a newspaper writer to edit their feature on your company. Three, the feature will be bylined under the author’s name, so any substantial changes to the feature effectively equate to putting words in that person’s mouth that they did not themselves write. We’ve unfortunately had to remove a few business leaders in the past from our books when they wanted a feature rewritten to the point of being entirely different from others in the book and what the author originally wrote.

Additionally, as we want to ship out the book that has your feature out in a timely manner for you, the cap on total revisions for both the feature and any associated multimedia (such as an illustration) is two each. 

If you understand that edits during the courtesy review should be kept to factual accuracy, brand consistency, and general readability, please type in your full name.

Final Consent 

After we make corrections following the courtesy review, we will be sending you a consent form acknowledging we have the right to publish your interview in our book and use it in any marketing materials related to its promotion. 

Who will be signing this form on behalf of your organization? 

What is this person’s email?

What is this person’s mobile phone number? 

Nomination (Optional)

Because great business leaders usually know other great business leaders, we wanted to give you an opportunity to nominate someone to also be featured in this book. This business leader can come from a business that has some relationship with your company, such as vendor, supplier, investor, or strategic partner, or it can be a business leader you know from your personal network. 

Who would you like to nominate to also be featured in this book? 

What is the email of this nominee? 

Before submitting the form, please make sure that you have uploaded a high-resolution photo. Thank you for your cooperation!