eBook -  Dolly and Lavinia Explore The Interverse

eBook - Dolly and Lavinia Explore The Interverse

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Product Description:

Doggy duo Dolly & Lavinia can’t take their eyes off their devices and one day finds themselves fully enamored by their screens. They find themselves in an unfamiliar, surreal landscape that feels all too real. Join them as they make a quick run for their lives navigating the labyrinthine virtual world that is the INTERVERSE, fighting off viruses and getting out in time for their big summer dance party!

“Both kids and adults alike enjoy this creative explosion of a book!”

“An invitation for creative release—this book is reminiscent of the innocent, unbridled enthusiasm I had for exploration in childhood!”

A psychedelic pastel adventure! Read this for that perfect quick escape from reality. Dolly and Lavinia will surely turn your world upside down, so buckle up and “shut up your gut!” - Princess, Goodreads


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